Career at IESL

The company’s key strength is its people. We are a determined team with backgrounds covering a range of disciplines and expertise. Our professionalism and passion for engineering have enabled IESL to become a leader in our field, and each of us takes pride in the part we play in the company’s success.

IESL is a fun and friendly place to work, and we emphasize the importance of communication and interpersonal relationships through collaborative projects, team work, team building and other group activities.

We are always seeking bright, talented individuals who can rise to a challenge and help us apply new ideas to real life industry problems. In return, we provide our high caliber recruits with the support, training and freedom to allow them to achieve their full potential, quickly develop a career path, take responsibility, flourish and grow with the company.

Why Join IESL?

  • We have a strong work ethic, but we also believe that our high level of morale and great sense of team spirit play a big part in our success
  • We have a young and vibrant culture and believe in a good balance between work and play.
  • We are committed to career development and training.